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The Hammerbacher wall unit program offers fantastic variation/combination opportunities - only a few modular pieces required. All articles are individually compatible.
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Modular Wall Units

The biggest problem with prefabricated office furniture is dimensions. Less flexible and often difficult to combine with each other--all of this unnecessarily complicates the planning of one’s office. Take care of what is important and make effective use of the available work space. With our modular furniture you can combine almost all components with each other as you please. High-quality materials guarantee lasting durability even under extreme load. The available product range includes classical wall units, sliding door cabinets and even cabinets with blind panels. You can create true-blue designer furniture especially by using different colours and materials. Like all modular furniture, the available wall units can also be customised to the very last detail.

Modern or timeless--the decision is yours!

With the various skeletal models, which of course can all be combined and stacked, you can make optimum use of every corner of your office. The basic structure is made up of cupboard units, it is all about the doors. Almost anything is possible. Fit a high cupboard with doors only halfway, use lockable roller shutters or simply leave the shelves open. Finally, you can also fit appropriate handles to your desired cupboard. Organise YOUR cupboards as they fit best in your office.